is situated at the confluence of the rivers Woernitz and Donau (Danube) and – for centuries – has been valued as an important history, social and cultural hub.

Hotel Donau
Augsburger Straße 6
86609 Donauwörth
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aerophoto of the town Donauwoerth

Our historically-rich city in North Swabia (Nordschwaben) is comprised of 20.000 inhabitants.
A great walking city, there are opportunities for shopping, the social and the cultural.

Donauwoerth is known as the Bavarian/Swabian Pearl on the Romantic Street.

Due to its central location, this City is popular for window-shopping, and as starting point for hikes and touring into the surrounding countryside of which there are five distinct areas: the National Geopark Ries, Naturpark Altmuehltal, Naturpark Augsburg Westliche Waelder, and Donau/Lechgebiet.

For your convenience, there are two electronic information sites available at the Staedtischen (City) Tourist Information located in Rathausgasse and at the train station plaza.